5 Things To Know This Am — Jul 19 2011

Attention all PR majors! Factory PR is looking for a new intern to add to their terrific team from August to December. Get on updating those resumes! (Fashionista)
Looks like New Yorkers should catch onto the eco-friendly trend and start taking public transportation…meter prices are skyrocketing at $1 an hour. (Gothamist)
Want to know what it takes to be a “breastaurant” waitress? VH1 will be filming a new reality TV show based on the Long Island sports grill, Canz, aka Hooters’ rival and boob central. How convenient for those double D ladies. (Gothamist)
Thanks to the release of the final Harry Potter film, Radcliff’s side project on stage made a hit at the Broadway box offices as well. Some week for the 22-year-old star. (The New York Times)
Thank goodness for air-conditioned subway cars in this sweltering heat…now if only the city can figure out a way to put it in the stations. (2nd Ave. Sagas)