5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 13 2011

Strippers clean snow off New York's sidewalks. Warning, NSFW. (Gawker)
Okay, this happens all the time. You know, rushing to an appointment and NOT finding a cab. Well, if you feel alone, there's now statistical proof that this ain't just urban legend. (Huffington Post)

Oh how we miss
The Gilmore Girls
. Good thing Rory, AKA Alexis Bledel lives in Brooklyn to satisfy our Gilmore cravings. And, she gives money to panhandlers. (New York Magazine)

Oh em gee—the breast milk cheese woman is back! Girls, you're lucky—she's looking for you to sell her your unused milk...yummers. (Gothamist)
Holy moly: The entire world could fit in Texas if each person were alloted the same average square feet of living space as in NYC. #truth. (The Hairpin)