Watch: The Adorable Song This Couple Wrote While Breaking Up

If 1962 taught us anything, it's that "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do." Today, this unfortunate adage rings true, quite literally, in Jonathan and Ivory's adorable but sad (adorably sad) breakup song, "We've Got To Break Up." As you may have guessed, the couple decided to announce the end of their five-year (five year!!!) relationship with this music video. It's catchy, it's honest, and did we mention it's both adorable and sad?
Listen up for lyrics like, "We've got to break up, it's the only way, cuz I would resent you, and that's not fair," "Invite us to your parties, we'll work it out," and "There are just some things no relationship can survive." You see Jonathan, who hit YouTube hard with his Song A Day series, wants babies, and Ivory does not. We applaud this duo for their final, well, swan song and have no doubt in our minds that they will both ironically find more suitable mates once this tune goes viral. Watch below and let your hearts melt. (Jezebel)
Video: Via YouTube

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