Landon, Help! How Do I Wear Dad Shorts Without Looking Like A Dad, Too?

Photo: Courtesy of Opening Ceremony.
Lisa writes: "Help! I've worn my culottes to their very last seams and I'm reluctant to keep the trend going. I like their high waists and knee-length hems, but summer's approaching and I'm keen to try something new. How do I wear the Dad short while still embracing my feminine curves?" Shorts are a weird garment. People oftentimes talk about them in terms of what they can't wear. Some people are staunchly anti-short-shorts. Others won't touch anything baggier than skintight. Other people will only wear shorts they haven't seen on their moms. And others, still, won't be caught dead in them, period. So, we're approaching this one carefully: we're assuming that more often than not, people consider Dad shorts in the "Never Will I Ever" category...but, here's why you're wrong. Dad shorts are familiar to you, most likely because your dad insisted on wearing them as soon as it was summer (even when he mowed the lawn, paired with trouser socks, sneakers, and a baseball hat). But, just like you've adopted things you thought formerly frumpy from your mom's closet, you reconsider this trouser-style cut, too. With a higher rise and a more carefully shaped leg line, these shorts are also made with softer textiles, so they're comfy, too. Find a dad short that hits right above the knee, is board-straight along the sides, has light pleats at the top that finish halfway down your thigh, and come with a deep pair of pockets. Adhering to these tips will undoubtedly separate your own pair from those Dockers your dad used to wear that you'd never sport (or dare forget). As for adding your own feminine touches, that's up to you and to whatever degree you'd like. For example, a knit or floral-printed boy short cut in the aforementioned design will ease your shopping woes and surpass all of your expectations. But, if you find yourself at a culotte crossroad and you don't know where to start, try these guys from Opening Ceremony. They tick all my boxes and they should satisfy yours, too, especially at an enticing 40% off. They're a short so boyish your actual boyfriend might have to borrow them. I hope this helps. See you next Saturday.

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