Boogie At The Boom Boom For Marriage Equality

Never been to the Boom Boom Room? Always dreamed of going? Well, if you don't know the doorman and you're not BFFs with Andre Balazs, your club luck just hit the jackpot. Tomorrow night, you can rub shoulders with celebs at one of New York's most glammed-out clubs, a pean to '70s decadence with quite possibly the sickest views in the city (the bathrooms are vertigo-inducing, in a good way). Though the top of the Standard may feel retro, it will be looking fully to the future with a benefit aimed at bringing legal acknowledgment of gay marriage to New York. The Human Rights Campaign, Cornelia Guest and Andre Balazs will welcome co-hosts including the likes of Julianne More, Kevin Bacon, Fran Drescher, Joan Rivers, Ethan Hawke, Mark Ruffalo (swoon), and Whoopi Goldberg. And with a star-studded cast of lobbyists rallying for the cause of marriage equality, there's never been a more well-heeled way to appeal to the New York government for change. Addressing voters at a grass-roots level, the event will coincide with a media campaign featuring 20 short videos starring the hosts and other iconic New Yorkers all repeating the same statement: "I am a New Yorker and I Support Marriage Equality." We know the tickets are expensive, but change doesn't come cheap—and neither do those killer cocktails.

Wednesday, October 27, 6:30 p.m to 8:30 p.m; tickets, from $250, available here.

The Room formerly known as The Boom Boom Room, 848 Washington Street (at West 13th Street); 212-645-4646.

Above, top left picture via Daily Beast.