This Cat-Eye Will Make You The Coolest Person At The Holiday Party

You could go with the same-old cat eye and red lip you wear to every holiday party. Or, you could shake things up this year with this badass triangle liner. (Bonus: The drunker people get, the more they might see these as inverted Christmas trees!) The best part? It's insanely easy to do yourself. Watch the video above for the full look, and then try it yourself, following along with the steps below.
Step 1. Grab a black liquid liner and draw a vertical line about three-quarters of the way across the eye. (Almost to the outer corners, but not quite.)
Step 2. Connect the top and bottom of the first line with two more straight lines to form a triangle. (If we're getting specific, it's a right triangle. Thank you, 9th-grade geometry class.) Keep your eyes closed until the ink is fully dry, to prevent smudging; then, repeat on the other eye.
Step 3. Take long, intentional winks and impress everyone with your makeup game.

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