What It's Really Like To Work In Fashion

Spoiler alert: The entire fashion industry does not exist in one, singular office. But, just for a moment, Business of Fashion — and some of its 500 freshly minted members of the #BOF500 — have imaged it to be. It's a bit of a three-ring circus, but naturally, the chicest, most well-dressed one we know.
In this pretend scenario, Carine Roitfeld screens phone calls, Virginie Mouzat casually Skypes with Katie Grand from her desk, and Nicola Formichetti doodles away on a chalkboard. But, the main question that the video poses is: "Would anyone in their right mind ever choose to exist in this universe?" And, perhaps we're the wrong ones to ask. Sure, this imaginary office would need enough room for every collection, personality, and ego, but we're enchanted by the idea of bringing together some of the most creative (and, perhaps eccentric) minds into one collaborative work space.
Only the "maddest of men" would stick it out, the video claims. Well, it takes one to know one. Watch on to see what working in the fashion industry is really like. Sorta.

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