Desperately Seeking Self Esteem

The Skinny is an R29 original dark comedy series that follows feminist wannabe YouTube star Jessie (Jessie Kahnweiler) as she explores love, life, and friendship in L.A. — while struggling with bulimia.

We have too many other things to deal with than to hate our bodies all the time. But we have yet to escape from those negative thoughts when we're not feeling 100% — especially when we feel "fat."

"Fat" and "skinny" are descriptors that unfortunately carry a lot of baggage when describing a body. They are never used to just describe — the connotations change the way we feel about ourselves and the way we walk in the world. What do you do when you're having a "fat" day? Eat less, don't look in the mirror, change that part of the body? Jessie Kahnweiler, creator and star of The Skinny took to the streets to ask people about their relationship with their bodies.


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