Sandy Makes Mayor’s Sign-Language Interpreter A Local Star

As those of us who still had cable and power last night saw, Sandy has created a new local star in Mayor Bloomberg's expressive American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter Lydia Callis. We mean, if not for the fact that our intrepid mayor was talking about local destruction, flooding, and road closings (in English and Español), Callis' wonderful, distracting signing and facial expressions (an essential part of the language), would have stolen the show. Did anyone see her sign "surge"? Ah-mazing. The fetching Callis' star appeal was not lost on the internet or New Yorkers, even as they weathered the worst storm in our history. Said none other than professional NYC nightlife bon vivant Peter Davis about Callis on his Facebook, "Bravo, please give her a TV show!" Hell, we'd watch. ASL is already a beautiful language, but Callis makes it downright sassy. (Daily Intel)
Video: Via Youtube.