Watch As Bloomberg Tries To Cool Down His SUV With A Home AC Unit

Sometimes "ideas" should begin and end at the conception phase and never pass into the fruition phase. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case when Mayor Bloomberg tried to cool down his official Mayor's SUV with... a home window AC unit. That's right, like, they somehow hoisted it in there and tried to power it from some electrical source off camera in an effort to cool down the Mayor's car as he was at work. Convoluted, right? If this isn't a Little Rascals plan all grown up, we don't really know what is. And, while citizens are appalled at the wasted energy of the device, we're impressed at the follow-through of the Mayor's closest cohorts as the assured him this hair-brained scheme might just work. Watch the video below, TGIF. (CBS Local)

Video: Via CBS