Blade Runner

by Grandin Donovan
Why don't guys wear ties to the club? Hell, to a BBQ? Ulterior Motive, a new men's accessories label, thinks the answer is simple: most ties are business boring. Frustrated with the death of young, interesting tie designs, Håkan Bruce, Thomas Strömberg, and Oscar Brynolf—all industry newcomers—set up Ulterior Motive early this summer to provide fashion-forward neckwear to men who want a little more oomph on their shirtfronts.
The first 10 designs—all by Bruce—include a white blade with a beachy blown-out regimental stripe, some deconstructed plaids, modish and op-flavors, and a slick black-on-black skull jacquard weave. Ten to fifteen new styles will be available in coming months, with designs from Strömberg and Brynolf as well. And their first four cufflink designs will be available this summer.
Quality, of course, is paramount. "None of the ties are printed," says Bruce, "they're all woven; for us that's important because printed ties mostly feel a bit cheaper." He adds that woven ties not only provide a better texture, but also form more handsome, mid-sized knots. At 2.8 inches wide, Ulterior Motive blades are sleeker than the standard 3.75 inches without copping the anorexic look of faddish skinny ties, so you they wear equally well between boardroom and street.
Right now, Ulterior Motive is only available in Sweden, but European distribution is forthcoming; with luck we'll see them stateside by the fall.
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New Swedish label Ulterior Motive really wants guys to have good ties.

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