Shop Black Friday Like A Boss In Your Private (And FREE) GroundLink Car!

Shopping on Black Friday is like a grown-up version of a Justin Bieber concert, replacing JBiebs with discounted cashmeres, candles, and khakis. You know everyone's gonna get there as early (and as hyped up!) as possible to fight over the same stack of red-tagged merch. So to save the time, the cab fare, and the elbow to the face you could incur on the subway, we're offering one lucky winner a FREE Groundlink escort to drive them around the entire day. Tell us your holiday shopping pet peeve under this post on Facebook and you could be leaving your shopping competition in the slush. And non-winners buck up! All first time customers can get a $30 credit when they enter the invite code: REBF30. Some may call it a holiday shopping miracle. To that we say, you're welcome!

Photo: Courtesy of GroundLink