10 Black Women Making The Tattoo Industry More Colorful

Photo: Courtesy of Miryam Lumpini.
The tattoos that people get are as nuanced as the skin they live on — but what about the people behind the needles? As tattoo artists become forces of their own (thanks to social media and celebrity clientele), there's an obvious lack of Black artists at the forefront. But that doesn't mean they don't exist.
There are plenty of Black artists trailblazing in the tattoo industry by specializing in a variety of artful techniques. Need a teeny tat? A realistic portrait? A sketch to commemorate your culture (and your complexion)? The Black women we've rounded up ahead can do it all. Whether you're already covered in ink or the thought of a needle sends chills down your spine — you'll be convinced to book in for a new piece once you get familiar with these artists.

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