BKLYN Yard’s Event is Filled With Trucks and Tasty Treats

We love love love ice cream trucks; when we hear that familiar tune it's an instant rush of sensory memories. Recently though, there's been some stiff competition for the good ol' childhood fave. Take a stroll down almost any street in New York, and chances are you'll run into a van filled with tasty treats like cupcakes or waffles, with a line of excitable and eager foodies trailing down the block. If you haven't already tried a treat from these trucks, this event is just for you. On Monday, BKLYN Yard is hosting Parked, a one-stop destination to try out all the best food trucks New York has to offer. Everything from creamy hazelnut gelato from Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice cream to Szechuan chicken dumplings from Rickshaw Dumplings to some serious thin-crust at Pizzamoto is all on tap, plus there's the one-and-only Dessert Truck, with all the goodies a choc-a-holic could need. Admission is free for all ages, so save your cash-ola for the eats—just make sure you come with a really, really big appetite.
When: Monday, May 31st, 12-7p.m.
Where: BKLYN Yard, 388-400 Carroll Street, take the F/G To Carroll or the R to Union