This Pooch Is Judging Your Style From Her Brooklyn "B*tch Bench"

It's not secret, we are proud dog lovers here at the R29 office. It’s not so uncommon that one, two, or maybe even three pups are peacefully laying on their blankets, eagerly waiting to be petted, or happily chasing their toys around the office. Our latest canine obsession, however, has shocked us in more ways than we could ever have expected, and we’re 100% into it.
Lady Bianca Miller (what a name!) is a six-year-old French bulldog and self-proclaimed “socialite, model, and arbiter of style.” Her job description includes greeter, mascot, and security detail of quirky-classic Brooklyn boutique, Eponymy, as well as full-time opinion-sharer and writer.
Lady Bianca Miller’s blog, That’s What B Said, recently caught our eye with the introduction of a new series, Bitch Bench. The Bitch Bench of Bergen Street, as the actual physical bench is called, sits outside Eponymy. Traditionally, the bench has existed as a rest spot for passerby and bored husbands (or boyfriends or brothers) of female shoppers, and as a platform for Eponymy staff to bond and relax.
But times are a-changin’ and Lady Bianca Miller is taking a break from her more typical condemning of humans’ poor sartorial choices to praise the selections of those who inspire her. The Bitch Bench now serves as the setting for Lady Bianca Miller’s street style snaps. Stylish and eye-catching shoppers of Lady Bianca’s choosing are asked to pose on the bench and answer a few questions about themselves.
Jay-Z or Kanye? Are you pro or anti pickle? How do you feel about men wearing flip-flops? These are the questions we want to know the answers to.
Photo: Courtesy of That's What B Said

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