5 Special Treatments For Your Lady Parts

We'll just come right out and say it: New Yorkers are cray-cray for the va-jay-jay. First, it was the Brazilian. Then, we had vajazzling. But for 2011, we're getting tossed the vagacial (or vajacial?), and a whole heap of other, equally awkward options for preening our nether regions. The pink obsession has gotten out of control in NYC, from specialized waxing bars to an entire day spa dedicated to the vagina. While this isn't a trend we can entirely get behind, we'd like to know our options, so we scoured the city and found a smattering of strange (and strangely exciting) treatments that are meant to pamper your privates. Sure, maybe reaching for the vaginal-equivalent of Manic Panic or submerging yourself in an herbal steam bath is excessive, but it's high time we gave our lady bits the attention they dearly deserve.
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