Watch: Beyoncé's Thank You Note To Michelle Obama

You may be asking: Why is there an acoustic-strummed montage of first lady Michelle Obama's daily amazingness, and why is Beyoncé talking about it? Well ... why not?! But then, we'll answer with reason: It has to do with all that back-and-forth between first husband President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, which involves that little old impending presidential election. For the campaign, Obama's camp called on one of the larger-than-life recording artists to vet Barry's better half — not exactly a straightforward move! Naturally, the candidates are eagerly vying for a dominant share of positive public opinion, and they're both plowing through the expected, sometimes below-the-belt channels (socialist-name calling, televised antagonism, tax-return sound-offs, even birther accusations), but the incumbent takes the cake with this one. Clearly, the president knows what we've known all along: A presidency is temporary, but Michelle is forever. (Celebitchy)

Video & Photo: Via Celebitchy

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