10 Things That Are Arguably Better Than Sex

Good sex is hard to beat. It can be both orgasmic and intimate, and leave you feeling fulfilled both physically and emotionally. But we'll admit it: Sometimes, there are things that can be better than sex, even the best sex.
And there's no shame in saying so — being sex-positive doesn't mean that the only thing you're interested in is making love. Sometimes, you're so tired after a long day of work that getting a proper foot rub from your partner or taking a bath is more appealing than sex. Or perhaps pizza would be tough to turn down if you were faced with choosing between getting it on and a slice of cheesy, gooey deliciousness. (But seriously, what monster would make you choose?)
Everyone, and every situation, is different. So we asked the R29 community what they sometimes consider more tempting than sexy time. Here are 10 things that are arguably better than sex.

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