The Forgotten Exercise For Stronger, Sculpted Legs

Photographed by Winnie Au.
When it comes to lower body workouts, you’re probably focusing on butt-sculpting squats and lunges. And, that’s OK, we’re all about butts as well. Beyond looking great, focusing on your bottom half has the added benefit of helping you feel great. Mainly because strengthening the muscles of your hips, glutes, and thighs can help ward off knee pain.
But, your legs don’t stop at your knees, and neither should your workout. It can be easy to look past the importance of your calves, but these “forgotten muscles” are used in everything you do, from running, walking, and dancing to jumping and lifting. Focusing too heavily on the primary muscles can cause imbalances in the body. So, to strengthen your calves, you can bust out a few extra reps of raises (see how to do them here).
Remember: Strengthening is only part of the equation — you also want to focus on stretching. Try releasing tightness in the calves through a smart foam rolling plan. You'll soon behold the power of the calves.

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