Bethenny Frankel is Giving Relationship Advice, The MTA Is Not Down With FML, And Kid Cudi Is Crazy Strong

Bethenny Frankel offers relationship advice—we hope it includes plowing first dates with tons of Skinny Girl margaritas. (Your Tango)
Catherine Malandrino teams up with Mary J. Blige for a charity fashion show at the MOMA. It's only $1000 a ticket. But it's for a good cause. (The Boom Box)
Even the Guggenheim museum is intrigued by YouTube. They are using the source to hunt down a new generation of creative talent. We recommend uploading your stuff quickly! (Top News)

Kid Cudi
is stronger than we think. He was arrested for tearing the door of a woman's apartment off its hinges. Talk about persistence. (Guardian)


The NYC Transit is set to change the profane subway signs that resemble our favorite phrase. FML.
(City Room)

Art Gallery Tours New York announces a Chelsea art gallery walking-tour. Visit seven contemporary art galleries for just $20. That's way cheaper than a Damien Hirst. (Broadway World)
Starbucks will offer free Wi-Fi in all of its US stores through AT&T starting July 1st. Great, now even more peeps will be setting up their "office" at the Astor Place 'Bucks. (Business Week)