The Perfect Water Bottles For Every Workout

Sure, at first glance, a water bottle seems like a simple thing: It's a bottle. You put water in it. You drink the water. The end. And, okay, that's about right. But if buying a new water bottle is on your to-do list, you might be surprised to discover how tough it is to actually pick one out from the ridiculous range of options.
The main thing to keep in mind is what kind of activity you're planning to do while using your bottle. Are you going to be training for a half-marathon, thus requiring a bottle that can take a beating? Or are you planning to use the same bottle at your desk and at post-work Pilates? That, of course, would point in the direction of a more stylish-yet-durable container.
From there, you'll also want to note much water the bottle holds (i.e. how many times you're willing to refill it during a bike ride) and whether or not it's insulated (i.e. how far you want to run before your water gets lukewarm). To help you narrow it down, we've collected a few of our favorite water bottles and outlined what they're best used for. Happy hydrating.

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