Get That “I Just Went Shopping” Feeling For Free

There’s a reason that fashion girls love fall (and it has very little to do with seasonal beverages). It’s because in fall, you get to wear more clothes, without needing to cover up all your hard work with a coat. That's right, this time of year we get to really flex our creative-layering muscles. If you're at risk of drowning each time you open your closet door, but you’re still feeling bored, we’re here to say that finding that new-again feeling doesn’t have to mean buying new stuff. You can rearrange some of your go-to outfits into different silhouettes, shapes, and combinations to find out you still love all those standbys as much as you did before packing them away in March.
To really put our money (or lack thereof) where our mouths are, we’ve decided to create two full weeks' worth of outfits — that’s 14 complete looks — with just 10 items. That’s not just basics, but shoes and handbags that’ll work for nearly every single engagement you’ve got going on in the next couple months. Check our math, ahead.

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