12 Forgotten Viral Videos To Watch Now

As a citizen of the Internet, there are certain things you must know. Certain bits of fluff in our collective history of which you must be aware, should you hope to have any self-respect. But, also as a citizen of the Internet, you are likely to forget anything that happened more than 10 minutes ago.
Which is why, in the interest of wasting several perfectly good hours of your workday, we are taking a trip down memory lane with this list of forgotten viral sensations. Last weekend, we did web series, and this time, it's one-off videos that almost certainly brought you within inches of your life due to uncontrollable laughter. We recommend getting a glass of water and a brown bag to breathe into before embarking on this trip.
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
This is up there with the dancing baby in terms of early Internet memes. You can't find your way around Reddit, 4Chan, and the like without understanding this reference.
The Rainbow Sponge
We squeezed, and squeezed, and squeezed, and squeezed, and this video never got old.
Badger Badger
It's the urgency with which he sings "mushroom mushroom" that really hits home.
Homestar Runner
You know you could spend hours reading Strongbad emails. You shank my Jenga ship!
Oh Long Johnson
There are a lot of great cat videos out there, but this is the big league. And, once you've seen it with the subtitles, you'll never be able to un-hear the words.
In retrospect, it's a pretty insightful commentary on machismo and male posturing — except when he cracks up at minute 2:24.
I Like Turtles
If you haven't dressed up as this kid at least once for Halloween, you are doing everything wrong.
Peanut Butter Jelly Time
The only thing better than the original is the Family Guy version.
The Hamster Dance
We are sorry for the brain cells you lost to this one.
Keyboard Cat
Okay, we would add the original keyboard cat to the list, but instead we're going with this lesser-known version because it is painfully hilarious.
We Like The Moon
One of the more primitive and, honestly, slightly disturbing entries on this round-up.
Dramatic Chipmunk
Rarely has a small rodent managed to so accurately capture the terror of the human condition.

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