These Are The Best Veggie & Vegan BBQ Products

When considering a summer BBQ menu, vegetarian-friendly fare isn't necessarily our first logical leap. Not because delicious meatless dishes at outdoor occasions aren't a possibility — but more so because the ones we're used to seeing are usually limited to sides (pasta salads and grilled gourds), as opposed to the main attraction (hello, burgers and dogs). So in order to put our meat-centric cookout biases to bed, and also to put some more exciting meat-free options on the menu, we decided to get out there and scout our grocery aisles for the BEST in vegetarian BBQ.
As it turns out, we've been missing some well-seasoned and majorly savory options. There's an entire smorgasbord of veggie-friendly food finds for sale, just waiting to be grilled come your next cookout, from actual meat-mimickers and more legume-y variety sliders to tofu and plant-based dogs.
Scroll on to fulfill all your future vegetarian grilling endeavors — and for dishes that are guaranteed to get off the sidelines and into the lineup for that BBQ summer spread.

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