These Are The Only Tweezers You'll Ever Need

Many would say that barely-there brows were a little too trendy in the early '00s, but that doesn't mean we've sworn off brow grooming all together. Although over-tweezing may be behind us — hopefully, that is — there are still plenty of reasons to keep one of the most tried-and-true hair removal devices on hand: the humble tweezer.
After all, facial hair is predictable in the sense that you know you’re probably going to find a dark, curly chin hair at a time when you’d rather not find a dark, curly chin hair. And when you do, you may feel a sudden urge to pull that sucker out. The problem is that hair, especially the kind that grows on your face, is all a bit different. From pesky peach fuzz to coarse chin hair, tweezers are a necessity almost all of us want to have around.
For all of you sick and tired of getting strays with that old, rusty, dull set from high school, we've rounded up the best tweezers for every budget and need. Now, with great product comes great responsibility, so don't go tweezing like it's 1999. Our top picks, ahead.

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