Are These The Best Sunglasses Under $25? The Internet Thinks So

Photo: Courtesy of Free People.
How is it that the solstice is still two weeks out, but we've already built up so much of our summer wardrobe? And, by "built up," we mean eagerly spend money on it, crossing our fingers for another perfectly warm, pre-summer day to break out our skin-bearing duds. Before we completely go overboard with our seasonal spending (still saving up for a spontaneous getaway or two), we need to make sure we've checked off all the essentials. As we expect to spend as much time outside as possible, a pair of sunglasses that are part practical, part dramatic, and fully awesome are on the top of that list. One catch: They need to be budget-friendly. So, we put our friends over at Rank & Style to task. And, as per usual, they did not disappoint, rounding up the best sunglasses under $25. As if that wasn't good enough, the #1 frame can be yours for just $20. Coming up on top is Free People's Abbey Road frame. And, all you need to do is trade in an Andrew Jackson to get this lovely, oversized pair in your life. This frame secured the spot thanks to the rave reviews on FP's site. One choice snippet by a commenter named bestofwhatsaroun reads, "These sunnies are big and bold, but in a really good way. The color is amazing! Love 'em." So, the countdown to summer continues — with a little more shade. Now, it's time to nail down that warm-weather party wardrobe with heels you can totally wear to an all-day affair, the crossbody you'll take to every farmers' market, and the obligatory maxi dress to ring in the season in style. (Okay, we may need to stay local the next long weekend.)