Well, This Is One Way To Avoid “Old Lady” Hands

Fingerless gloves usually exist in the realm of the eccentric and fashion-forward (early Madonna or Karl Lagerfeld) or even hard-core (looking at you, Sons of Anarchy). Which is why, when we saw a number of brands releasing these odd-looking sun-protective versions, we were perplexed. Who, aside from the ultimate badasses among us, were they were marketed for?
With a 50+ UPF, these gloves are actually ideal for anyone looking to shield their digits from the sun. But, while they're certainly popular with outdoorsy types like fishermen and hikers, they've also found a new fan base with the skin-care obsessed and sun-sensitive women. Maybe you’ve had laser treatments on your hands, or perhaps you're just dead-serious about avoiding dangerous melanomas and old-lady hands. Whatever the case, this is one way to keep your paws protected.
“UPF fabric is a helpful alternative to continuously reapplying sunscreen,” says Dr. Heidi Waldorf, dermatologist and director of laser and cosmetic dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Because, really, who remembers to put sunscreen on the backs of her hands?
So, would you give them a try? By the way, the Eclipse gloves are available in leopard print. We’re just saying...