Cute Summer Outfits For Unapologetic Denim Lovers

All it takes is one whiff of summer air and bam! — everyone's back to sporting the hot-weather silhouette of two years ago (ahem, looking at you, off-the-shoulder dress). As tempting as it is to fall back on old faves, allow us to persuade you to try some of the current trends on our radar before you go resuscitating those better left, well, forgotten. But don't worry, we'll go easy on you — introducing only the most approachable fashions that'll suit just about everyone.
In our curated mix, you'll see plenty of It prints like micro florals and fruit-filled patterns, a sneaker trend Instagram is already obsessing over, plus season-appropriate denim to go with each look courtesy of AG. Other highlights include two-tone swimwear we can't wait to debut and debatably the cutest accessory of the season: the beaded bag. See what else we're hoping will eclipse the little blue dress in the slides ahead.