The Best Summer Camp Movies & Where To Stream Them

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When school ends for summer vacation, July is likely the month students look forward to the most. It’s the time when some kids and teenagers pack their bags and head to summer camp — a place where they experience their first taste of freedom. It's also a time that's inspired a ton of fantastic summer movies.
Summer camp isn’t just an escape from a hometown or responsibilities, it is a blissful break from the stresses of everyday life before going back to school the following month. For people who never had the opportunity to go to summer camp, don’t feel left out. There are plenty of movies that transport the audience to the campgrounds and make them feel as if they are sleeping in a bunk bed, making new friends, competing in games, and potentially looking for a summer fling. 
So, whether the warm months make you feel nostalgia for your childhood days or you simply enjoy vicariously living through characters on screen, watching a camp movie is always the perfect pastime during the summer. There are an endless amount of films to choose from, so we narrowed it down to some of the best summer camp movies from almost every film genre. Here are some fun summer movies you’ll want to add to your queue now.

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