The Most Romantic Movies Of All Time

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For us hopeless romantics, there's only one genre of movies that we can watch again, and again, and again – and that's romances. In real life, a person can't fall in love on demand. But we can press play. In these movies, two actors go through the motions of a relationship, and through skill and well-written dialogue, almost make us believe it's the real thing.
At times, memories of pop culture loves can be more vivid than our own. Compared to Jack and Rose's Titanic courtship, so well preserved in its three-hour glory, our own relationship histories can seem muddled. Plus, we can go back to the beginning and watch Jack and Rose's love unfold again.
Behold, a strong sampling of cinema's moving, epic romances that you'll want to remember. Not all of them end well – but they all end beautifully.

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