15 Spicy Snacks That Are Worth Every Fiery Bite

Random foods becoming trendy is an expected occurrence these days; we've seen it all — from pickle-flavored products to bacon. But it's admittedly more intriguing to our appetites when we see a broader category take the spotlight. While we love a wide variety of flavors, from savory to salty to sweet, there's no denying that spicy snacks are currently having a moment of their own. From cult-favorite big brands to smaller batch craft companies, these red hot products continue to pop up all over grocery aisles. Some are a throwback to the Sriracha era of years past, while others take on different fiery flavors.
Maybe it's the "too hot to handle"dare implicit in the bright red labels; maybe, it's the heatseeking thrill. Whatever it is, it's working to keep us reaching back into those fiery bags for one more bite. With hot versions of our favorite snacks saturating the food space, we curated a list of 15 favorites, ahead. The options vary in flavor combos and degrees of heat, so both the bravest and wimpiest of tastebuds can embark on their own personal snacking challenge.
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Dang Sriracha Spice Sticky Rice Chips
Seasoned with a special spice blend, garlic, onion, vinegar, and soaked in watermelon juice, Dang's sticky rice chips balance out the heat with a slightly sweet aftertaste. They taste like a jacked up (bite-sized) rice cake.
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Flamin' Hot Crunchy Cheetos
If we wrote a romance novel about Flamin' Hot Cheetos, one of the chapters would be titled: Dipped In Cream Cheese. It sounds weird, but trust us — dunking chips in cream cheese is an unexpected way to cool things down.
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Chuao Spicy Maya Chocolate Bar
Spicy chocolate is an ancient flavor combination that's maintained popularity for good reason: This delicious dark chocolate bar from Chuao infuses cinnamon, cayenne, and pasilla chile for a sweet treat with just a hint of mouth-warming heat.
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Hapi Snacks Spicy Sriracha Peas
As much as we love wasabi peas, these chili garlic-coated peas from Hapi Snacks bring a different type of sweet and spicy heat to our tastebuds.
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Late July Sriracha Fresca Tortilla Chips
Forget the jalapeño-lime flavor combo and go with Late July's Sriracha Fresca — these tasty tortilla chips are made from yellow corn that's seasoned with a spicy Sriracha and refreshing lime zest blend.
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Biena Habanero Roasted Chickpeas
These habanero-roasted chickpeas are hot — but in that strange, masochistic way that keeps us coming back to munch on more.
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Huy Fong Foods & Pop! Sriracha Popcorn
Gone are the days of drizzling Sriracha bottles into popcorn bowls. This hot bag from Huy Fong Foods and Pop! infuses its kernels pre-popping for flavorful, mess-free munching.
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Jeni's Queen City Cayenne Ice Cream
Spicy food skeptics, this ice cream is your hot snack gateway: Jeni's Queen City Cayenne pint combines enough rich milk chocolate and cinnamon to safely balance out the spicy cayenne finish.
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KIND Roasted Jalapeño & Almond Bars
A spicy granola bar may sound odd, but KIND's roasted jalapeño and almond bars are surprisingly satisfying as morning snacks — nothing like a hot flavor punch to get you up and running.
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Wangderm Sriracha Sticks
We love snacking on these Sriracha sticks solo or crumbled on top of salads and soups as a spicy topping — the Fish sauce and Sriracha combination create an ideally balanced umami heat.
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Muncheros Chili Mango
Sweet, chewy, salty, and spicy — the only thing better than dried chili mango slices is fresh chili mango slices.
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Poppy Jalapeño Cheddar Popcorn
We love straight Sriracha pop — but the distinctly different creamy, zesty, and spicy flavor profile of this jalapeño-cheddar bag also has us on bag-to-mouth lock.
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Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Tortilla Chips
Warning: For serious spice lovers only. Paqui's ghost pepper tortilla chips are not messing around with a seasoning mix of cayenne, chipotle, chili, and ghost pepper (among other things) — we're not even certain a cool cream cheese dip could tame it.
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Fuller Foods Sriracha & Cheddar Serious Cheesy Puffs
Sriracha and cheddar make for a surprising taste blend in these artisanal cheese puffs. While they are certainly no bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos, we do appreciate the finer flavor distinctions of real cheese powder and our favorite spicy condiment.
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Hippeas Sriracha Sunshine Chickpea Puffs
Hippeas are a healthy mix between crispy chickpeas and fluffy cheese puffs — and the Sriracha flavor does not disappoint.

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