5 Sick Screening Rooms To Peep A Show In Style

The difference between catching a flick in a private screening room versus an oversized auditorium with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, is a lot like the difference between flying coach and whisking away on your own personal jet. It's not only amazing to avoid all those little annoyances (i.e. obnoxious patrons), but well, there's a certain caché to it all. Since we're all for guilty pleasures, and we're not getting invited over to Petra Ecclestone's or Ryan Seacrest's mini-screen arenas anytime soon, we dug around town to locate some spots to lay back and enjoy the show with only our friends in tow. And surprisingly, we discovered that you don't have to blow mega dough to reserve these secret theaters. So, click through our picture show, pick a flick, and pack your popcorn! (And don't worry, we did the math for you).
Photo: Via The Soho House.

The Soho House
For Soho House members only, rates start at $250 an hour for this cozy screening room, which seats 50. The private penthouse cinema space boasts its own bar and candy cart for pre-movie treats. The best part? The foot rests open up to reveal cashmere blankies to cuddle up with your Cabernet and caramels!
Soho House, 9200 Sunset Boulevard (at Cory Avenue); 310-432-9200.

Photo: Via The Academy Little Theater.
The Academy Little Theater
Seating 67 of your fave peeps and flaunting a gold statuette perfect for photo opps, the approximate $15-per- person fee includes a theater manager, one security guard, parking, and projectionist!
Academy Little Theater, 8949 Wilshire Blvd. (at Almont Dr.) 310-247-3000.

The Charles Aidikoff Theater
This Beverly Hills theater features catering, a bar, and even limo services. It's been in the same flick family for four generations, so you know your picture is going to be as clear as it gets! With prices ranging from $300 to $850 an hour, we figure the average spend is about $21 bucks-per-person for the 57 seat space.
Charles Aidikoff, 150 South Rodeo Drive #140 (between Wilshire and Charleville boulevards); 310-274-0866.

The Screening Room at Dick Clark Productions
This Westside private show space will run you about $24 bills for its 21 seats, and it even screens 3-D!

The Screening Room at Dick Clark Productions, 2900 Olympic Boulevard (at Stewart Street); 310-367-7383.

Photo: Via Cinespace.
If you even know 250 people, this groovy screening room slash club would only be $5 bucks a pop! You would definitely be up there with the ballers in this space, too—they recently housed the Entourage premiere party, American Idol wrap party, and a Snoop Dogg music video.
Cinespace, 6356 Hollywood Boulevard (At Ivar Avenue); 323-817-3456.
Ocean Screening Room
If filled, this 55-seater Santa Monica screen gem will only set you back about $14 one-spots, and it has a ton of top-notch restaurants and bars peppered around it. And, if you screen a documentary (we wonder if home movies count?), you get an extra 20% off!
Ocean Screening Room, 1401 Ocean Avenue (at Santa Monica Boulevard); 1st Floor; 310-576-1842.
Photo: Via The Downtown Independent.

The Downtown Independent
This freshly renovated theater has a luxe lobby and concession stand featuring specialty wines, beers, soda, popcorn, and candy. Prices vary from $350-$600 for these 222 prime Eastside seats.
Downtown Independent
251 South Main Street (Near Harlem Plaza);

Linwood Dunn Theater
This is the Academy's newest theater and it's absolutely state-of-the-art! You've gotta fill 286 seats for it to meet a $11-per person-rate, but it's a stunner!
Linwood Dunn Theater, 1313 Vine Street (at Homewood Avenue); 310-247-3000.