You Need These Chic Leggings For Lounging And Running

There is nothing like being stuck indoors for an indefinite period of time to make you want to slip into your favorite pair of leggings and go for a good run or walk outdoors. Of course, we're making sure to follow the guidelines we're being given about practicing social distancing and avoiding unnecessary trips out. But right now, stretching our legs outside at least a few times a week can feel crucial for your mental health.
Besides the benefits of breathing in fresh air and getting your endorphins flowing again, hitting the pavement has another advantage: It forces you to change out of your PJs. As much as we love indoor clothes, switching up your outfits is an important part of mental hygiene.
Granted, we're talking about slipping into a pair of leggings, not donning a power suit — but still. The right tights can still give you a much-needed mental boost.
Swipe through to find a pair of running leggings that will make you smile and motivate you to get outdoors.

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