We Are Obsessed With These “Read-It-Later” Apps

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
We live in an age of information overload. All day long, from every direction, we're being bombarded with text to digest, whether it's a study your boss suggests you read, an article recommended by a friend, or a dozen tweets you need to catch up on. You couldn't possibly read everything you want to each day, there's just not enough time. Or could you?
Thankfully, there are a variety of apps out there to keep track of your reading list and make it more manageable. You could use, for example, an app with both a bookmarking function and a recommended feed, such as Pocket. Or, if you find yourself behind the wheel each day, an app such as Speaky could help you make the most of your commute.
There are a lot of great articles online, and a limited amount of time in the day. But with read-later apps, staying on top of those bookmarked articles can be enjoyable rather than overwhelming. Click through to see the best aggregation apps you can download right now — without paying a single cent.

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