These Online Fitness Classes Might Just Replace Your Boutique Fitness Habit

Photographed by Erin Yamagata.
One minute you're booking weekly yoga classes, feeling so healthy and responsible about your choices, and the next you're realizing you're down 60 bucks…because you blew it on another pack of fitness classes. We get it, going to a trendy studio with shiny stuff and people is part of the whole workout class experience — but classes are expensive.
Good news: You probably already stream all your TV shows, and you can actually stream lots of boutique workout classes online, too. Since the workouts are usually meant to be done at home, you really don't need any equipment or a ton of space either. The other brilliant thing about streaming workout classes is you don't have to deal with other people that you might encounter in an actual workout class. You might have to push your cats out of the way while you exercise, but hey, at least they're not sweaty.
Most sites require a monthly fee to access the videos, but it's usually around the same price as one class at a brick and mortar studio. (Pro tip: Many sites have a free trial period, which you should definitely use!) And some of them are actually free (!). Ahead, some of the best sites for streaming workouts that you should try next.

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