These Are The Best Night Creams For Your Skin Type

Life — what with its crazy work schedules and Bumble dates and Netflix shows — tends to get in the way of beauty sleep. Most of us don't get the standard eight hours, but it's time we start making more of an effort to — if only for the sake of our complexion. Sleep gives our skin a chance to repair itself and turnover cells, leaving us brighter, softer, and plumper by morning. And a night cream can play a big role in that.
But don't just settle for the one that comes in the prettiest bottle or makes the wildest claims. Joshua Zeichner, a New York based dermatologist, advises you to do your research first (or in this case, let us take care of it): "Choose an appropriate cream for your skin type," he says. "Your best product may not be the one your best friend is using." When you do find the one, "apply it at least a half hour before bed to make sure it fully absorbs and dries, so it does not rub off on to your pillow case," he adds.
Ahead, the best night cream for your skin type and budget. Sweet dreams!

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