9 Hand Sanitizers That Are Good For Your Skin

When you think of hand sanitizers, we're willing to bet your mind immediately jumps to something that's either clinical (found in a doctor's office) or sickly-sweet (found dangling off your middle school backpack). The clear gels are often drying, sticky, and smell like rubbing alcohol — but they're also a no-brainer during cold and flu season, which, FYI, is now.

While washing your hands with soap and water is always the preferred method of cleansing (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention even calls it the "do-it-yourself" vaccine because of how drastically it protects against illness), we don't always have access to a sink. That's where hand sanitizer swoops in to save the day — and thankfully there are a crop of innovative new formulas that kill germs without sacrificing the texture and feel of your hands. In the past few weeks, we've tried our fair share of alcohol-based hand sanitizers to find the ones that not only smell great but disinfect effectively — and even moisturize, to boot. Curious? Check 'em out in the following slides.

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