The Perfect Gifts To Buy The Music Lovers In Your Life

Music makes the people come together, as a wise philosopher once said. There are all kinds of music lovers out there, from the high-commitment stans who dedicate their social media lives to curating news about their faves, to the snooty audiophile who will only listen to the highest quality sound files. But, as the time of year for giving gifts come around, what does one buy them after you've already gotten their favorite band T-shirt and a Spotify subscription?
This holiday season, we're recommending all kinds of gifts ranging from unusual and eccentric to must-haves for anyone, for the sonically inclined. Be they in need of a new set of earbuds, in search of a great new music book, or looking for the perfect piece of wall art — we have all the music lovers on your shopping list covered.
Flip through for options from high to low in price, to please the bourgeoisie and the rebel, this holiday season.
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Florence Welch, one of the most magical singers out there, published a gorgeous book of poetry and lyrics this year. For the music lover in your life who is trying to perfect her Stevie Nicks spin with scarves, or the music lover who devoured Patti Smith's Just Kids and wants more, this is the perfect choice.
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True music lovers care about audio quality, and Sonos is at the top of the heap when it comes to home speakers and speaker systems. This holiday season give the Sonos One with an extra splash of special: pick a limited edition option from their collaboration with HAY. The line includes all those Sonos One perks that are must-haves: a voice-controlled, smart speaker with Amazon Alexa integration, and Google Home assistant to follow in soon. Your favorite music snob can simply ask their HAY Sonos One to play Lorde (and even specify in which room, if they have a full Sonos home audio system) and hear the dulcet tones of their favorite artist. Sonos offers full voice support for Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, TuneIn, and Spotify.
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Deep music nerds would rather listen to it on vinyl, but sifting through which player to get them can be challenging. We like the ION Audio Max because of its attractive wooden base and very affordable price point. This is a good pick for someone looking for a second LP player in their home, or a beginner who is just building out their vinyl collection.
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It's still not easy being a woman in the music business, but it used to be so much worse. Dorothy Carvello's eye-opening memoir is one part HBO's Vinyl (for its unbelievable tales of workplace sexual harassment) and one part behind- the-scenes look at how some of the biggest artists in the world became hits.
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Travis Bone's distinctive design style has found him commissioned to create gig posters for everyone from the Postal Service to Willie Nelson to the Alabama Shakes. And if you don't love any of the musicians he's already made posters for on his site, he takes commissions.
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Protecting your hearing if you go to lots of concerts is no joke, and the music lover in your life probably doesn't do it as religiously as they should. Turning it into a special type of self-care could help them remember to protect their ears but still hear the music clearly, at a lower volume. These earplugs from Vibes come with customizable earbuds and a case that fits nicely into any pocket.
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The Carters gave us a gift this year with their couple album release and the On The Run II Tour. Naturally Queen Bey took one of the best lines from both, "Pay me in equity" from their absolute jam "APESHIT," and make it a t-shirt. It's a must-have for devotees.
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Good music requires good headphones. No, that $5 pair of earbuds from the bargain bin will not do. There are a lot of technical reasons why Philips and their X2 cans (headphones, for music nerds) are some of the best out there, but what you need to know is that they will deliver smooth, clear audio that allows you to hear all the music. Their superiority in bass sounds makes them a prime choice for hip-hop and pop fans, where the low end rules.
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Who run the world? Girls. The history of rock, however, is littered with male legacies. Help the music fan in your life reconsider that history by getting them this book, authored entirely by some of the best female music critics in the game, that centers women in the history of rock.
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If you're catching a chill on the California coastline, nothing will keep you warmer (or more stylish) than Lana Del Rey's custom merch. Wear it when you're climbing up the H in the Hollywood sign and singing "Lust for Life" under your breath.
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Play like a true rock star on the guitar Halestorm's Lzzy Hale designed exclusively for Gibson guitars. The body of the guitar is designed for a true showperson who wants to make a statement when they play. Not everyone call pull off this gold shine.
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These pins are great for a denim jacket, a canvas bag, or anything else your music lover wants to decorate by proclaiming their love for all things musical.
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What's it like being a girl in the (indie rock) world? Music journalist and critic Jessica Hopper digs into her journals to relive her days as a DJ, publicist, and writer living it up in the Chicago nightlife of the aughties.
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Moog is the classic synthesizer among aficionados, and the Moog One is the company's first new release in 35 years. The burgeoning music producer or bedroom artist in your life can use it to make beats, perfect vocals, and write music.
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This is a great stocking stuffer because it's inexpensive and offers a chance to personalize an item everyone uses all the time: their laptop.
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Every holiday season, at least one artist comes forward to dominate with a Christmas album that absolutely everyone loves. For 2018, that artist is John Legend. You can pick this one up for your grandmother, your deskmate, or your secret Santa and hit a home run.
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O.G. Riot Grrrl Kathleen Hanna and several of her friends (Kim Gordon and Adee Roberson among them) have designed a line of T-shirts featuring some of the most notable faces in rock music. Emblazon your chest with the visage of Joan Jett, Chuck D, or Ad-Rock and give a little something to charity: the cost of each shirt is the amount it costs for a girl to attend school in Togo for an entire year, including books. One hundred percent of the profits go to Peace Sisters, a non-profit that financially assists to fund local girls' school tuition costs in Dapaong, Togo West Africa.
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