These Metallic Lipsticks Won’t Make You Look Like A Sci-Fi Character

At first, I thought metallic lip products were a gimmick. I can get behind a bit of shimmer, but full-on chrome lips? That's a lot. Then, a metallic liquid lipstick made its way onto my desk and I figured I might as well give it a swipe. After a few minutes of getting it just right with the help of some concealer (liquid lipstick is messy), I peeked in the mirror and felt like a total badass.
Maybe it was the subtle glitter that did it, or perhaps the slightly unusual bronze shade. All I know is that I fell head over heels. A surge of confidence came over me — I had found my Sasha Fierce. So take it from me: Put aside your skepticism and give these a try. Ahead, I rounded up the best metallic lippies that won't make you feel like a character from a sci-fi movie.