We Found The Best Makeup Remover To Get The Job Done

appearance by Elysia Berman; appearance by Lauren Thompson.
Taking off your makeup might be the last thing you want to do at the end of the night, when all you want to do is get horizontal, mascara streaks on your pillowcase be damned. But neglecting to wash your face before bed leaves you susceptible to clogged pores and breakouts; plus, the day's pollution and bacteria can also cling to the surface of your skin, building up to wreak havoc in the form of dullness, fine lines, and loss of firmness over time.
But as straightforward as it might seem to do a quick cleanse before bed and call it a day, scrubbing and tugging at your face to get rid of stubborn makeup remnants can do more harm than good. Which is why you'll need to be armed with a good makeup remover to make the process that much easier — but not all makeup removers are made alike. From micellar water and wipes to cold cream and cleansing oil, some pull their weight more than others, and your personal preferences factor in, too.
To show you each type of makeup remover in action, we took them all for a test drive so that you don't have to. Watch the video above to see which remover comes out on top, and remember: No matter which one you opt for, make a habit of it, and always follow up with a more thorough cleanse to remove every last speck of debris. Your skin will thank you — we promise.

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