The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Makeup Removal

After a fun night of dancing or dinner out with friends, the comfort of your bed is as seductive as a siren's call. But as any skin-care fanatic knows, washing your face is a must before hitting the sheets. So why does this daily activity feel like such a chore? If we're being real, it's solely because washing your face thoroughly (as in, actually getting off all your makeup) is easier said than done.
That's why we partnered with Cetaphil to bring you this lazy girl's nighttime skin-care routine in three easy steps. Step one: Use a gentle cleansing wipe to remove makeup faster and more efficiently than with face wash alone. (Pro tip: Ranella Hirsch, MD recommends storing your wipes in the fridge for a pleasant cooling sensation — particularly after a hot summer night out.) Next, follow with your favorite cleanser to get rid of excess dirt and debris. Then, skip the concoctions of serums and night creams and go straight for a one-and-done sleep mask. These overnight face masks hydrate, firm, and brighten while you catch some ZZZs, plus they cut steps out of your routine. Now you can can sleep with ease.

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