Sing Your Face Off This Weekend At These 12 Cool Karaoke Joints

[UPDATE: This story was originally publish on April 20.]
Sometimes you've just gotta get your Glee on, whether in the privacy of a small room with friends or in front of a crowd at the dive-iest of watering holes. Lucky for us Angelenos, there's a karaoke bar for every kind of crooner in town: small and intimate, loud and rowdy, and even a few spots that serve up Soju and hand out tambourines, ensuring you can show off your mad singing skills, 27 Dresses-style, at any kind of joint.
And not to worry if the idea of performing in front of strangers gives you the willies, there's plenty of liquid courage to go around. From Santa Monica to K-Town and back, this list has you covered with all the best places to party down and sing your heart out. So, grab a brush, and practice your best Diana Ross impression in front of the ol' mirror — it's karaoke time!
slide01 Photos Via (clockwise from top left): The Good Nite Bar, Feel Karaoke, Happy Ending Bar, and Backstage Karaoke.


For happy hour well drinks and a rowdier crowd, head to Backstage in Culver City. The atmosphere is decidedly un-hipster, dive-y, and just the place to dig into a slider while watching someone go full-on Cindy Lauper. Make sure to get your name on the list early and often, as it can get pretty crowded.

The Backstage, 10400 Culver Boulevard (At Motor Avenue); 310-839-3892.

Max Karaoke

You will want to make a reservation for this Little Tokyo-adjacent karaoke club. A happening spot on the weekend, Max Karaoke provides the perfect atmosphere for let you tap into your inner ScarJo, circa Lost in Translation. Unfortunately, a pink wig and Bill Murray aren't included.

Max Karaoke, 333 South Alameda Street Suite 216 (At East 3rd Street); 213-620-1030.

Coreoke at The Happy Ending Bar

What is Coreoke you might ask? It's three guys named Corey who play live karaoke, featuring classic rock and your favorite tunes from the '80s. It's silly, it's fun, and you can find them in Hollywood at the Happy Ending Bar and Grill every Wednesday night from 9 p.m. until Thursday.

Coreoke at The Happy Ending Bar, 7038 Sunset Boulevard (Near North La Brea Avenue); 323-469-7038.

Vermont Karaoke And Billiards

Enjoy private rooms, soju, and a little bit of billiards if you're not in a singing mood, here. This K-Town spot is great for a divided group. Some can sing, some can play pool, and some can just be flies on the wall.

Vermont Karaoke And Billiards, 191 South Vermont Avenue (Near West 2nd Street); 213-385-3337.


Other Notables:

The Good Nite, 10721 Burbank Boulevard (Near Denny Avenue); 818-850-3485.

Feel Karaoke, 600 South Harvard Boulevard (At West 6th Street); 213-385-2221.

Boardwalk 11, 10433 National Boulevard Suite 5 (Near Mentone Avenue); 310-837-5245.

Photos Via: Yen Sushi, Backstage, Soop Sok; Photographed by Piera Gelardi.

Ireland's 32 Pub

Do you wish it were March 17 every day? Then this is your spot. Strong whiskey drinks and loud music never end (until 2 a.m., that is) at Ireland's 32 Pub. Come on the two karaoke of the week (with a really savvy crowd), and you're guaranteed to be entertained.

Ireland's 32 Pub, 13721 Burbank Boulevard (Near Mammoth Avenue); 818-785-4031.

The Gaslite

Super crowded, pretty loud, and always a good time (especially for karaoke newbies), this is the Westside's go-to spot for Karaoke.

The Gaslite, 2030 Wilshire Boulevard (Near 20th Street); 310-829-2382.

Yen Sushi & Karaoke

Boasting solid sushi and a private "Louis Vuitton" room, Yen is a great place for sipping plum wine and singing a few songs. Great for large groups looking for a place to get their karaoke on.

Yen Sushi & Karaoke, 6000 Sepulveda Boulevard (Near Green Valley Circle); 310-397-1888.

Other Notables:

Caffe Brass Monkey, 3440 Wilshire Boulevard (Near South Mariposa Avenue); 213-381-7047.

Soop Sok Music Studio, 4070 W 3rd Street (At Kingsley Drive); 213-380-0909.

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