Did The New York Times Produce The Best Linsanity T-Shirt Ever?

Just because we're fashion fanatics here at R29, that doesn't mean we're immune to periodic outbursts of Linsanity (indeed, some of us truly bleed blue and orange). Apparently, the same goes for that Old Gray Lady, The New York Times. The paper of record recently demonstrated its love for the up-and-down court antics of the young guard with their Linsanity’s New Look design challenge.
Hosting an open contest to design a T-shirt that best captures the spirit of Jeremy Lin's unpredictable rise to NYC superstardom, the Times put out a serious callout. In response, many submitted their best creations and thousands voted on the results, producing this charming, minimalist champion by fair-weather fan, Alex Medina (who the paper interviewed here.)

Buy this fan-voted favorite at Medina's site, or check out the other designs in the contest and tell us if you think the best one really won. To be totally honest, we're LINdecisive (womp, womp), and could use some help, here. (
New York Times


Photo: via The New York Times.