The One Boho Home-Decor Trick To Try For Summer

No doubt you've had this momentous day circled in red on your calendar for some time now: It's International Hammocks Day. Okay, we didn't, either. Made-up holidays are a joke. "Talk in an Elevator Day" (July 25, by the way) and "Wiggle Your Toes Day" (August 6) are not worthy of themed cocktails or even so much as an iCal alert. But, Hammocks Day? This is one we can actually get behind, because the lofty nests are the definition of sweet, summer laziness. And, the auspicious occasion seems like the perfect excuse to make use of the outdoor essentials inside our small apartments.
Picture this: You are in a cocoon while being rocked in the air — plus, you have all the modern amenities, like an AC and your TV nearby. No bugs. Close proximity to the refrigerator. Not to mention, the chair-bed hybrid instantly gives your space a bohemian, carefree vibe. Yes, this is a holiday worth marking. If you're a Christmas-in-July kind of person, celebrate year round by moving your hammock from room to room every so often. Go crazy. Ahead, we found five nap pods so chill they could almost be rented out on Airbnb. Actually, forget it; you won't want to share.