What To Give Your Dad, According To His Sign

If we had to guess your dad's one and only holiday wish, it would be: No more ties. Naturally, that wish doesn't mention what sort of gift he'd actually like, so you'll likely feel stuck shopping through the old standbys (ties, wallets, jazz albums) yet again. If you're at a total loss for what to give your dear old dad this year, why not consult his Zodiac sign?
Even if your father has never so much as glanced at his horoscope, he may still exhibit some of the standard traits associated with his sign, especially when it comes to what he likes and what he absolutely does not like. For example, a Cancer dad probably has a soft spot for kitschy memorabilia, while a Virgo dad likes simple things that serve their purpose well.
Whatever sign your dad may be, there's a perfect gift out there for him. Ahead, we've selected our picks for every one in the Zodiac.

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