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It used to be that wipes were designed exclusively to take things off. But, now, to quote the prophet Ja Rule, a variety are on the market that will also “put it on [you].”
Which is lucky for us, because there are many benefits to living your life in wipes. For starters, towelettes won’t be rudely commandeered by TSA. They also won’t cause any spills in your toiletry bag. And, if you encase them in Ziploc bags, they won’t dry out. Because, let's be real, as great as wipes are, those adhesive flaps always lose their stick after a couple of uses.
Another plus? They don’t sacrifice product quality. Indeed, today’s wipes have come a long way from the Wet Ones of yore. Sure, the delivery vehicle varies from your go-to creams, lotions, and potions, but the formulas are just as effective — and, in the case of self-tanner, we’d posit they’re even better.
So, if your beauty needs are about imparting that aforementioned tantalizing tan or chemical exfoliation, know this: It’s hip to be square (or rectangular, for that matter). Ahead, the wonderful wipes that have made us reconsider all of our regular beauty products.
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Photo: Via Ted Gibson.
These sheets smooth ragged ends and gloss up a straight hairstyle, stat. Spent your lunch hour at Subway while the sandwich artists were baking their, ahem, fragrant bread? These also cover up any eau de ew odor you come across in a flash.
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Photo: Via Tarte.
Tarte Brazilliance towelettes and Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pads yield a long-lasting, warm bronze glow while delivering skin-care benefits. These are ideal for self-tanning enthusiasts with sensitive or acneic skin who can’t just slather onto their face the same bronze enhancer they’d apply to their body.
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Photo: Via Kate Somerville.
That said, an exception to the good-for-your-body, not-necessarily-good-for-all-faces rule of self-tanners is Kate Somerville's 360 Tanning Towelettes. Use them on even the most sensitive skin and all over your bod. Overnight, these giant tanning towelettes leave behind a believable tan and the fresh scent of lemons. There’s none of that “I just went swimming in a vat of coins à la Scrooge McDuck” smell that the majority of self-tanners tend to leave behind.
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Photo: Via Dermalogica.
Double-cleansing really helps ensure removal of all dirt, oil, makeup, debris, and SPF, whether you do it with a wipe or a cleansing oil. Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes are the perfect hybrid of both, as the brand’s best seller blends various oils with aloe to help you return your face to tabula rasa status.
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Photo: Via Yes To.
Makeup wipes, though, can be drying for those with desiccated skin. Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes smell like vacation and moisturize while cleansing, thanks to coconut water and kukui nut extract. Plus, you can use them on your body, face, neck, and hands.

Yes To Coconut Cleansing Wipes, $5.79, available at Walgreens.
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Photo: Via Murad.
If you have acne-prone skin, the sea of fragranced makeup wipes available for normal skin types won’t help you. Do clogged pores and zits make too frequent a cameo on your face? Opt for Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish Prone Skin. They control shine while removing dirt, bacteria, and sebum. Plus, you can throw ‘em in your gym bag for after your workout.
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Photo: Via Simple Skincare.
Sometimes, you don’t have to go whole hog with your wipes and simply need to swipe off a smoky lid. Small, oval-shaped Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads are perfect for erasing an eye-makeup mishap without disturbing the rest of your meticulously made-up face. Plus, they're super soft and calming, so they won't harm or irritate that fragile skin around your eyes.
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Photo: Via Whish.
Two things we often forget during the morning rush? Mascara and deodorant. While the former may just make you look slightly less polished, the latter can have very real, very smelly repercussions after a commute or workout. Enter deodorant wipes to keep in your purse, just in case. The Whish Body Deodorant Swipes With Hair Inhibitor not only keep you smelling fresh, but they even stop hair from growing as quickly. Basically, these do everything but drive you to the Hamptons.

Dermadoctor Med E Tate Antiperspirant Wipes are vital for high-humidity environments. You can use them in the intended armpit area, but they’re also great for under your bangs, on the back of your neck, and even under your boobs. (Is there anything worse than boob sweat? Oh, yeah — boob sweat and boob heat rash.)
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Photo: Via Herban Essentials.
For your face and hands (or even phone and keyboard), Herban Essentials Towelettes come packaged in a thrilling, “Kellogg’s mini-cereal style circa 1987” variety pack for scent alternatives.
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Photo: Via Pacifica.
These perfectly portable lotion wipes are biodegradable cloths soaked in coconut milk for a mess-free lotion application that lasts as long as your standard-issue body cream. Oh, and they smell divine.
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Photo: Via Deborah Lippmann.
Your pre-vacay manicure? Stunning. Four days in after that sun, sand, chlorine, and everything else? Not so chic. Enter the Deborah Lippmann The Stripper To Go, a polish remover that eradicates all traces of lacquer in one fell swoop. One mini mitt miraculously cleans 10 nails, making the whole shebang efficient, slim, and utterly portable.
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Photo: Via Wine Wipes.
Puns and cabernet sauvignon with no consequences? Bring it, Pearly Wipes! These peppermint-spiked pads are housed in a small, circular container with a stealth mirror, and they help remove wine, coffee, and tea stains instantly.
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