Live Your Beauty Life In Wipes

It used to be that wipes were designed exclusively to take things off. But, now, to quote the prophet Ja Rule, a variety are on the market that will also “put it on [you].”
Which is lucky for us, because there are many benefits to living your life in wipes. For starters, towelettes won’t be rudely commandeered by TSA. They also won’t cause any spills in your toiletry bag. And, if you encase them in Ziploc bags, they won’t dry out. Because, let's be real, as great as wipes are, those adhesive flaps always lose their stick after a couple of uses.
Another plus? They don’t sacrifice product quality. Indeed, today’s wipes have come a long way from the Wet Ones of yore. Sure, the delivery vehicle varies from your go-to creams, lotions, and potions, but the formulas are just as effective — and, in the case of self-tanner, we’d posit they’re even better.
So, if your beauty needs are about imparting that aforementioned tantalizing tan or chemical exfoliation, know this: It’s hip to be square (or rectangular, for that matter). Ahead, the wonderful wipes that have made us reconsider all of our regular beauty products.

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