The Best Spring Cleaning Products For All You (Clean) Freaks Out There

Spring cleaning is not for the weak — despite all of the flowery, sun-drenched imagery surrounding this annual phenomenon, dusting the winter blues off your living space can be more taxing than tax season. But, within the microfiber-towel-multiverse lies a niche, antsy, and sparkly population: the clean freaks. Whether you've already got your finger on your cordless Dyson vacuum's trigger or it's your first time participating in this kind of spring renewal, we found the best cleaning products to help all our readers' (clean) freak flags fly high.
Calling all earth-conscious tidy-uppers, laundry snobs, bleach bums and the like — we scavenged status laundry detergents, compostable sponge cloths, one-and-done kits and more cleaning products worthy of a spot beneath sinks worldwide. Scroll down and stock up on on the best cleaning gear known to mankind (or, the internet), below.
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Best Cleaning Products For Green Freaks

In this case, the term "green washing" is actually a good thing. According to Green Choices, cleaning items are notoriously bad for the environment and, "may take a long time to degrade into harmless products," once thrown away. However, with the internet at our disposal, chemical-free, biodegradable, and earth-conscious solutions are just a few clicks away. Introducing: Clean Cult, Package Free, Hive, and Blueland — not all four brands exclusively specialize in scrub downs, but they do offer sprays, kits, reusable bottles, and the like to make your space sparkly for spring. Rather than bleach, harsh chemicals, and plastics, many of these products feature baking soda, essential oils, plastic-free refill tablets, citric acids, and more naturally derived ingredients or zero-waste materials to prioritize the earth (and your counter tops).

Best Cleaning Products For Laundry Lovers

Do you salivate at the smell of a "fresh laundry" candle? Did you participate in the terrifyingly appetizing Tide Pods craze of late 2017? Or, do you not care about detergent, but idolize your clothes? Then these laundry products can help. Our Deals Writer, Mercedes Viera, wrote a rave review of DedCool's beautifully branded, deliciously fragrant (move over Tide Pods), and luxurious Detergent Milk — needless to say, the contents of that "very trendy tin can," are a worthy splurge. But, for those living life on the practical side, organic reusable dryer balls are an environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and cost effective option in comparison to disposable dryer sheet packs. Lauterye's, 100% New Zealand wool, pardon us, balls not only eliminate static like aforementioned sheets, they also reduce drying times by absorbing heat, prevent twists and tangles, and keep sensitive skin at bay thanks to the absence of chemicals or synthetics.
Mrs. Meyers' (we'd recognize that font anywhere) and The Laundress craft excellent, hefty portions of concentrated laundry detergent that continue to satisfy customers day by day. If you're looking for fresh floral scents, gentle washes, and plant-derived ingredients then Mrs. Meyers is your match. Meanwhile, The Laundress' gallon will provide you with crisp linen aromas, preserved bright colors, and some effective stain removal.

Best Cleaning Products For Bleach Bums & Disinfecters

Listen, it's a harsh world out there — and that goes for germs, viruses, and bacteria too. We love a good green cleaning product, but if you prefer to keep one or two chemical-based buys on hand, we understand. In fact, according the Washington Post, bleach is a "disinfectant" as opposed to a cleaner — meaning, it's best practice to first "remove the dirt so it can disinfect." So, think of these as finishing touches rather than all-encompassing dust busters you need to stuff your cabinets with.
Amazon is our go-to for inexpensive, tough-on-grime, cleaning products from cult-favorite brands like Clorox, Microban, Lysol, Comet, and more. Per the CDC's site, "[bleach] will be effective at killing germs when properly diluted," and one should always follow the instructions on said products. Whether you're giving your toilet its routine wash, sanitizing door knobs left and right, or wiping down phone screens, these hard hitters have you covered.
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Best Cleaning Products For All-Purpose Peeps

All-purpose solutions are popular for a reason: they keep things simple. We assume Stardrop's The Pink Stuff is at the top of every clean freak's noggin due to its TikTok trendiness, Amazon spotlight, and unmistakeable packaging. According to Amazon reviewer, Jackilyn, The Pink Stuff "cleaned two walls and every bit of the marker, pencil, crayon, and colored pencil," that their "two-year-old up and coming artist" inflicted up on their home. Other retailers like Brandless and Public Goods offer multi-use surface sprays that take on dirt with non-toxic, naturally-derived ingredients.
Force of Nature, on the other hand, is in a league of its own and we can only describe its prized product as mind-boggling. Forget this entire article, this "multi-tasking powerhouse" let's you create your own cleaner with the average household ingredients salt, vinegar, and tap water. The gadget then "electrolyzes" the solution which upgrades it into a bonafide force of nature. We don't really get it either, but its 5 out of 5-star rating and 2,585 reviews have us convinced.

Best Cleaning Products For An Equipment Equinox

Now that you've added every product under the sun into your spring cleaning cart, let's make sure you have the best equipment to maximize the power of your products. Microfiber spin mops are sprinkled all over Amazon, but O-Cedar's buckets prove the most useful and budget-friendly. Skip the messy outdated mechanics of a classic squeegee and enter the world of hands-free wringing, removable and machine-washable mop heads, and successfully reaching the corners of your living space.
Other handy internet cleaning tools include, but are not limited to, Food52's top-rated assortment of Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths (each cloth decomposes within six weeks in a home compost!), Grove Co.'s groovy Golden Hour Cleaning Caddy, and Wad-Free's tangle-free laundry gadgets.
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