The Best Brownies, Ever — With A Surprising Twist

If you already have plans tonight, consider them canceled. The bake-off is back, and this time we tackled a crucial skill: the perfect brownie. But, instead of a straight-up head-to-head, we've thrown a little twist into the mix. Jill Meisner, our intrepid director of PR took on the task of finding a knock-out brownie recipe that was gluten-free AND vegan. Good lucky, lady!
Comfortably confident having the joint power of butter and eggs on my side, I was sure it would be a landslide. I've had some great vegan/GF desserts in my time, but, for some reason, I was sure these restrictions wouldn't translate well to this sweet staple.
I was incredibly wrong. Jill's brownie came out thick, moist, and so dense I would have assumed it was 50% butter had I not known better. And, when it came to the blind taste test, it was met with rave reviews. However, my brownie did win — by a single point.
Check out the recipes for both, and judge for yourself.

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