7 Actors Share Their Fave Breakfast Spots

From deciding what to wear in the morning to scanning through Spotify playlists to changing our nail polish color more often than one should ever disclose, we all try to stay as far away from monotony as possible. Yet, why is it that when it comes to breakfast, most of us don't think twice about being repeat offenders? Instead, we go on eating the exact same half-bowl of Puffins and banana every single morning — all the while knowing that there's a world of incredible, mind-blowing breakfast options just outside our door.
So, consider this some motivation to get out of your house this weekend, and explore some of the syrupy goodness L.A. has to offer. Ahead, seven rad actors share their favorite breakfast spots in L.A.— and exactly what to order. If you thought that scene in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise's character shares cereal with that kid was magical, you'll love this. Now say goodbye to that Luna Bar and get clicking!

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