12 Of The Best Braces Moments In History

When I was younger, I desperately wanted braces (and glasses, but that's neither here nor there). All of my friends had them and I, too, wanted to be a part of the cool crowd. You could switch up the color every month and match it to your clothes. They were basically jewelry for your teeth, and I wanted them. Bad.
Unfortunately for me (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), I never needed them. The teeth gods blessed me with perfectly straight and symmetrical chompers. But, there are plenty of people who have been victims of the metal accessories, including celebrities.
Yup, those stars who seem to have perfect teeth now were not actually born with them. So, we completed a very important research task and scoured the Internet for the best braces moments in history, both real and fictional. Click through to see them in their full metal glory, and never feel bad about your own awkward phase again. Hey, if nerd glasses can catch on as a fashion trend, who's to say orthodontia won't be next?

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